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Baptism  Preparation

In a country such as this where there is a long tradition of Christianity, it is very easy to have your child baptised out of habit without giving it too much thought. Some people see baptism as a social occasion, ‘an event’ to be celebrated with their family without realising the commitment that is being made to live the Christian life and to pass on the Christian faith to their child. If you choose to have your child baptised, you will be asked to make a promise that you will bring the child up to know and love God and to live by the values of Jesus Christ.

You will be asked to make a commitment to teach your child to pray and to bring them to Mass. You will also be asked to choose godparents who will be good role models for the child and who will support the child in their Christian faith. Godparents should be practising Catholics, full members of the Church.

From January 2015 we will be changing the way we prepare for baptism in the parish. In line with the norms that are being adopted throughout the diocese, parents are being asked to attend a preparation meeting before they book a date for the baptism. This is to give people plenty of time to consider what they are taking on and to make appropriate preparations.

Parents who wish to have a child baptised any time over the next few months are invited to attend a preparation meeting beforehand where there will be an opportunity to talk about this important occasion in the life of your family and answer any questions you may have. Baptism meetings will take place in the De La Salle Pastoral Centre, normally on the first Thursday of every month at 8:00 pm. (please check with the office re date as it is subject to change)   Booking forms will be available at the meeting; no bookings will be confirmed until after the meeting.


Parish Radio Relay System

A system for relaying Mass and other Church Services is available. Mass is broadcast daily and can be picked by the majority of the parish up on a radio.

Mass Broadcasts:

  • every day at 10am
  • 11.30am mass on Sundays

Channels: You can hear Mass on the following channels and frequencies:

  • Channel  UW 04  Frequency    27.63500
  • Channel  LW  04   Frequency   27.63125

Radio’s are available to purchase inThe Parish Office.


Loop System in St. Patrick's Church

Anyone who is using a hearing aid can pick up the signal in the church when they select the T setting on their aid. Hearing aid users will find a higher signal level if they sit towards the outer edges of the seating, closer to the wall.


Funeral & Wedding Music

The Catholic Bishops of Ireland are concerned with the kind of music being requested at both funerals and weddings in the last number of years. It is important to remember not to pressurise musicians to play your favourite songs on these important occasions. Only Sacred Church Music & Hymns are appropriate in the Church. If you want to play the deceased's favourite song at a funeral then do so after the prayers are said in the graveyard but never in the church.


Funeral Expenses

There is a standard charge for the church of €250 which includes the sacristan's fee, the offering for the mass, a donation for the church which covers the cost of heating and lighting during the time of the funeral. If there is a reception in the church the night before the funeral, the church fee remains the same. In hardship cases this fee is wavered.


Local Groups

Active Retirement

Peggy O’Sullivan


Anne O’Rourke

Girl Guides

Debbie Hanlon

Meals on Wheels

Margaret Kavanagh

Rose Behan


Mary Kavanagh


A Peer Support Group for Children of Deceased or Separated Parents Imelda


(Various Ages)

All of these groups can be contacted through the Parish Office. Contact the Parish Office...


Useful Local Phone Numbers

Wicklow Gardai 

Tel. 0404 60140

St. Vincent de Paul

Ozanam House, The Mall, Wicklow Tel. 086 7314589

Cura Cares

TWS House, 1-2 Main Street, Tallaght, Dublin 24. Tel. 01 6701598


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